Tortured Metal Cabinet is a collection of disturbing metal scrapes, low groans, cinematic booms, menacing drones, ear piercing squeals, spooky stingers etc… all performed on and with an old storage metal cabinet.

This library is a nice addition to your library if you need to add tension, suspense or weirdness to any project, not restricted to horror.

Various exciters were used to create friction and make the cabinet sing such as glasses of different sizes, large pieces of metal, hangers, spoons, my hands, etc…

The sounds were recorded with a pretty cool and unconventional setup that gave me a lot of flexibility during the mastering process :

  • a LCR setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040 + MKH 8050 (because let’s be honest they sound amazing + extended frequency response)
  • a pair of Lom Usi Pro (different perspective and polar pattern + also nice ultrasonic response)
  • an AKG C 411 PP contact microphone (nice proximity and low/mid response)

For more convenience, I’ve premixed the different mics and sonic perspectives into 26 long ” raw ” files, both in Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

These Source files were mastered in a way (minimal EQ / dynamic processing / ultrasonic denoise on the MKH 8000 mics) that will let you manipulate them extensively and create your own designed sounds with them.

You also get 41 stereo designed files / 300+ individual sounds that are ready to use in your project.

These designed assets have been creatively processed to give you an idea of what type of sounds you can create from the source material, the possibilities are pretty much endless… I’ve paid attention not to over compress the sounds and keep some of the natural dynamics of the raw recordings, because who like overly crushed and loud sounds that blast your ears when browsing through your library ?

In addition to the source and designed folders, you’ll find 16 Radium Presets ready to use in Soundminer Radium sampler, these presets basically let you create an infinite amount of random new sounds different than the ones in the library itself. (thanks to Kai Paquin for the help with the presets)

Like all aXLsound collections, this sound library includes detailed, comprehensive, UCS compliant metadata.



– 93 files / 350+ sounds
– 11,38 GB (uncompressed)

Track List : Tortured Metal Cabinet – PDF

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Old House is a collection of doors, creaky wood floors, cupboards, footsteps, surround roomtones and various actions captured in natural reverb in a 1913 French traditional rural house.
You’ll also find creepy resonant footsteps upstairs (recorded from downstairs), distant doors, antique clocks, wooden stairs or even barn doors and windy roomtones.

This library is the perfect match for any project taking place in places like mansions, castles, old country house, pretty much any reverberant interior with that vintage feel.

The vast majority of the sounds were simultaneously recorded from 3 perspectives :

  • a close LCR setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040 + MKH 8050
  • a mid distant pair of Line Audio CM3 in ORTF
  • a distant AB pair of Lom Usi

This lets you pick the best sonic perspective for each situation. From an up close / full sounding LCR array to a fully reverberated distant pair.

During the 3 day recording session, we also captured impulse responses in many areas of the house, these could come in handy if you want to make other SFX match with our Old House natural reverb, these are delivered in a separate folder, with pre-saved Altiverb presets.

Like all aXLsound collections, this sound library includes detailed, comprehensive, UCS compliant metadata.
We also added markers to some of the longer files so you will quickly identify the most interesting parts. (see picture below)

– 227 files / 92 sounds
– 23.63 GB (uncompressed)

Track List : Old House – PDF


Grab every aXLsound library at once and spare 30% on total price !

This bundle includes all our sound libraries so far :

  • Tortured Metal Cabinet : 45€
  • Old House : 89 €
  • Smartphone Notification Sounds : 40€
  • Urban Air : 52 €
  • Scottish Highlands : 11 €
  • Planes – Takeoffs & Landings : 30 €
  • 1970′ Ford Mustang Mach 1 : 74 €
  • Urban Passes By : 50  €
  • Lamps : 25 €
  • Metal Sweeteners : 22 €

TOTAL : 438 € ( if bought individually )  BUNDLE PRICE : 306 € ( 30% discount )

Get a taste of aXLsound sonic palette by grabbing all our sounds at once !

Total size : 80+ GB

The sounds are delivered in 48/96/192 kHz / 24 bits depending on the library, and most importantly embedded with exhaustive metadata, including a detailed description, microphone setup, etc…
Metadata is compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

306,00€ – Add to Cart Excluding 0% tax

Smartphone Notification Sounds is, as the name suggests, a collection of short ringtones carefully designed to fit the modern smartphones sonic aesthetic.

This library focuses on short sounds that will suit your needs for text messages, in-app notifications, instant messaging, social networks UI, etc…

Every sound includes multiple variations and comes in 4 versions with distinct characteristics  :

  • Original – Dry
  • Speaker A – 6t ( soft coloration )
  • Speaker B – 3t ( medium coloration with a little bit of room/air )
  • Speaker C – P8 ( even more saturated, thinner, “shittier” than A/B )

The ” speakerized ” variants are made from homemade impulse responses created with 3 different phones and recorded from slightly different perspectives. These are meant to be used alone or combined with the dry version to fit what’s on screen.

Some ” extra ” sounds are also included such as lock/unlock, keyboard ticks, UI menu sounds, sent/receive confirmation.

NB : –  this library does not contain longer call ringtones, only short tones.
        – all the included sounds are 100% new and original, this library does not contain any pre-existing ringtone, so feel free to use these fresh notification sounds without worrying about rights issue, plus they haven’t been used 1000 times before !

– 1204 files / 301 sounds
– 973 MB (uncompressed)

Track List : SmartNotif – PDF

All the sounds are delivered in 48 kHz / 24 bits and  embedded with exhaustive metadata, compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

Add to Cart Excluding 0% tax
Xenon is a noisy, glitchy, weird, dirty and experimental sound kit.

We played around with dozens of electromagnetic fields and electricity recording to create 141 new ” drum ” sounds, all mastered and gathered in this pack.

The designed samples includes deep kicks, snappy snare, noisy loops, tortured hi-hats and many other singular percussive elements.

This library contains 141 sounds embeded with basic metadata and delivered at 96kHz/24 bits and 44.1kHz/16bits.

Add to Cart Excluding 0% tax