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This bundle includes all our sound libraries so far :

  • Smartphone Notification Sounds : 40€
  • Urban Air : 52 €
  • Scottish Highlands : 11 €
  • Planes – Takeoffs & Landings : 30 €
  • 1970′ Ford Mustang Mach 1 : 74 €
  • Urban Passes By : 50  €
  • Lamps : 25 €
  • Metal Sweeteners : 22 €

TOTAL : 304 € ( if bought individually )  BUNDLE PRICE : 228 € ( 25% discount )

Get a taste of aXLsound sonic palette by grabbing all our sounds at once !

Total size : 47+ GB

The sounds are delivered in 48/96/192 kHz / 24 bits depending on the library, and most importantly embedded with exhaustive metadata, including a detailed description, microphone setup, etc…
Metadata is compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

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Smartphone Notification Sounds is, as the name suggests, a collection of short ringtones carefully designed to fit the modern smartphones sonic aesthetic.

This library focuses on short sounds that will suit your needs for text messages, in-app notifications, instant messaging, social networks UI, etc…

Every sound includes multiple variations and comes in 4 versions with distinct characteristics  :

  • Original – Dry
  • Speaker A – 6t ( soft coloration )
  • Speaker B – 3t ( medium coloration with a little bit of room/air )
  • Speaker C – P8 ( even more saturated, thinner, “shittier” than A/B )

The ” speakerized ” variants are made from homemade impulse responses created with 3 different phones and recorded from slightly different perspectives. These are meant to be used alone or combined with the dry version to fit what’s on screen.

Some ” extra ” sounds are also included such as lock/unlock, keyboard ticks, UI menu sounds, sent/receive confirmation.

NB : –  this library does not contain longer call ringtones, only short tones.
        – all the included sounds are 100% new and original, this library does not contain any pre-existing ringtone, so feel free to use these fresh notification sounds without worrying about rights issue, plus they haven’t been used 1000 times before !

– 1204 files / 301 sounds
– 973 MB (uncompressed)

Track List : SmartNotif – PDF

All the sounds are delivered in 48 kHz / 24 bits and  embedded with exhaustive metadata, compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

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Xenon is a noisy, glitchy, weird, dirty and experimental sound kit.

We played around with dozens of electromagnetic fields and electricity recording to create 141 new ” drum ” sounds, all mastered and gathered in this pack.

The designed samples includes deep kicks, snappy snare, noisy loops, tortured hi-hats and many other singular percussive elements.

This library contains 141 sounds embeded with basic metadata and delivered at 96kHz/24 bits and 44.1kHz/16bits.

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Urban Air is a collection of long duration / ready to use / surround urban backgrounds.

This is our first surround ambience library, it has been recorded across different cities with various microphones setup ( LCR ORTF / QUAD / 5.0 ) and then carefully collected and edited into 5.0 surround tracks.

You’ll find various moods and sonic characteristics including : downtown, suburban, industrial, small towns, quiet, loud and annoying traffic beds, wet city, side streets, parks, wide city squares, diffuse and distant urban elements, clean air tones or dirty gritty city noise …

The duration of the tracks varies between 02m 30s for the shortest and more than 08 minutes with the vast majority lasting around 04-05 minutes, so long scenes shouldn’t be a problem. Also, some sounds include markers highlighting (un)interesting sounds and events.

– 99 files / 33 sounds
– 12.92 GB (uncompressed)
– Total length : 146 minutes
Track List :

For more convenience, 2 versions are available : 

– splitted in 3 separate files : C / LR / LsRs , this way you can easily use the stereo files if you don’t need surround.
– 5 files per sound (multiple mono ) : .C / .L / .R / .Ls / .Rs

I mastered these sounds in a controlled sound editing room calibrated at 79 dB SPL, volume wise I tried to find the middle ground between a ” background level ” and being able to hear the sounds when you search through them, don’t hesitate to let me know if you think I totally missed the point here.

All the sounds are in high resolution 96 kHz / 24 bits and most importantly embedded with exhaustive metadata including a detailed description.
Compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

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This ambiences pack is the result of a short field recording trip / road trip I made in October 2019 around the beautiful land/soundscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

I decided to go with a LCR + AB setup, as while testing different options I found it to be very versatile and relatively light and small.

All mics were mounted inside the Cinela Albert basket for more convenience, allowing me to capture multichannel ambiences ( virtually 5.0 surround ) with a single thing to set up, and perfectly sheltered from wind.

I came across rivers, streams, lochs, waterfalls, lochs, harbours, lochs, quiet forests, reindeers slabs and more lochs.

This library contains 24 sounds /72 files embedded with full and detailed metadata ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ).

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