Tortured Metal Cabinet is a collection of disturbing metal scrapes, low groans, cinematic booms, menacing drones, ear piercing squeals, spooky stingers etc… all performed on and with an old storage metal cabinet.

This library is a nice addition to your library if you need to add tension, suspense or weirdness to any project, not restricted to horror.

Various exciters were used to create friction and make the cabinet sing such as glasses of different sizes, large pieces of metal, hangers, spoons, my hands, etc…

The sounds were recorded with a pretty cool and unconventional setup that gave me a lot of flexibility during the mastering process :

  • a LCR setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040 + MKH 8050 (because let’s be honest they sound amazing + extended frequency response)
  • a pair of Lom Usi Pro (different perspective and polar pattern + also nice ultrasonic response)
  • an AKG C 411 PP contact microphone (nice proximity and low/mid response)

For more convenience, I’ve premixed the different mics and sonic perspectives into 26 long ” raw ” files, both in Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

These Source files were mastered in a way (minimal EQ / dynamic processing / ultrasonic denoise on the MKH 8000 mics) that will let you manipulate them extensively and create your own designed sounds with them.

You also get 41 stereo designed files / 300+ individual sounds that are ready to use in your project.

These designed assets have been creatively processed to give you an idea of what type of sounds you can create from the source material, the possibilities are pretty much endless… I’ve paid attention not to over compress the sounds and keep some of the natural dynamics of the raw recordings, because who like overly crushed and loud sounds that blast your ears when browsing through your library ?

In addition to the source and designed folders, you’ll find 16 Radium Presets ready to use in Soundminer Radium sampler, these presets basically let you create an infinite amount of random new sounds different than the ones in the library itself. (thanks to Kai Paquin for the help with the presets)

Like all aXLsound collections, this sound library includes detailed, comprehensive, UCS compliant metadata.



– 93 files / 350+ sounds
– 11,38 GB (uncompressed)

Track List : Tortured Metal Cabinet – PDF