Smartphone Notification Sounds is, as the name suggests, a collection of short ringtones carefully designed to fit the modern smartphones sonic aesthetic.

This library focuses on short sounds that will suit your needs for text messages, in-app notifications, instant messaging, social networks UI, etc…

Every sound includes multiple variations and comes in 4 versions with distinct characteristics  :

  • Original – Dry
  • Speaker A – 6t ( soft coloration )
  • Speaker B – 3t ( medium coloration with a little bit of room/air )
  • Speaker C – P8 ( even more saturated, thinner, “shittier” than A/B )

The ” speakerized ” variants are made from homemade impulse responses created with 3 different phones and recorded from slightly different perspectives. These are meant to be used alone or combined with the dry version to fit what’s on screen.

Some ” extra ” sounds are also included such as lock/unlock, keyboard ticks, UI menu sounds, sent/receive confirmation.

NB : –  this library does not contain longer call ringtones, only short tones.
        – all the included sounds are 100% new and original, this library does not contain any pre-existing ringtone, so feel free to use these fresh notification sounds without worrying about rights issue, plus they haven’t been used 1000 times before !

– 1204 files / 301 sounds
– 973 MB (uncompressed)

Track List : SmartNotif – PDF

All the sounds are delivered in 48 kHz / 24 bits and  embedded with exhaustive metadata, compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

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  • Smart Sounds

    The tones and timbres in the Smartphone Notification Sounds library are really fun to experiment with. They cover a good range of contemporary styles that feel subtle yet satisfying. The files in each style category are varied, but share a familial consistency with one another, which makes the process of picking out interesting pairings of sounds – e.g. unlocks & locks, opens & closes – nice and simple. Aside from their straightforward use as phone notifications, I’ve also found the sounds in this library to be great source material when designing user interface audio assets.

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