Old House

Old House is a collection of doors, creaky wood floors, cupboards, footsteps, surround roomtones and various actions captured in natural reverb in a 1913 French traditional rural house.
You’ll also find creepy resonant footsteps upstairs (recorded from downstairs), distant doors, antique clocks, wooden stairs or even barn doors and windy roomtones.

This library is the perfect match for any project taking place in places like mansions, castles, old country house, pretty much any reverberant interior with that vintage feel.

The vast majority of the sounds were simultaneously recorded from 3 perspectives :

  • a close LCR setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040 + MKH 8050
  • a mid distant pair of Line Audio CM3 in ORTF
  • a distant AB pair of Lom Usi

This lets you pick the best sonic perspective for each situation. From an up close / full sounding LCR array to a fully reverberated distant pair.

During the 3 day recording session, we also captured impulse responses in many areas of the house, these could come in handy if you want to make other SFX match with our Old House natural reverb, these are delivered in a separate folder, with pre-saved Altiverb presets.

Like all aXLsound collections, this sound library includes detailed, comprehensive, UCS compliant metadata.
We also added markers to some of the longer files so you will quickly identify the most interesting parts. (see picture below)

– 227 files / 92 sounds
– 23.63 GB (uncompressed)

Track List : Old House – PDF


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