Today I wanna share some of the recordings I made with the excellent LOM Usi microphones. No blah blah. Just raw, unprocessed recordings. (other than light EQ to remove hums, unnecessary frequencies, etc…)

Before you listen I just want you to know a few things :

This is not a sponsored post, I own 2 pairs (Usi Pro & Usi) that I paid for, this rough cut contains examples of both of them (XLR 48v and 3.5mm jack), these sounds have been recorded with various recorders (Sound Devices MixPre-6, Sony PCM A10, Zoom F6 or H4n), I can’t tell which one is which since I have more than 600 sounds made with these mics, and still counting….

Have a good listen ! I might upload more tracks someday.

320 kbps MP3 version :

i care about you, yes you who lives on a mountain with a lousy internet connection

Spectrogram of the above - LOM Usi Demo
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